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Hello & Welcome
Welcome to The Modern Distiller a different direction for distillers. This is a place for distillers who want to take the craft to the next level. Who recognise the rich history of distilling is a global history. If you enjoy your hobby for the craft of it, if you want to improve your ability, if you want to create spirits which are in every way better than you can buy… THIS IS YOUR SITE .

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What an exciting time to be a distiller never in the history of the craft has there been so many amazing resources available. I live in a fairly remote part of the world and yet I have the whole knowledge base the internet lays at my feet, combine that with the numerous generous souls who inhabit the forums… and you have a living growing worldwide phenomena.


The powers that be in New Zealand, led the way to legalised hobby distilling in the 1996 act of parliament which empowered hobby distillers to pursue their craft. And you know what…the sky did not fall in and the country did not collapse into anarchy….. Whilst not legalised … distilling is very much a fact in the rest of the world. If we are to convince our governments of the benefits of having a legal craft distilling population, and as such legislating the legalisation of distilling, I believe that we must distance ourselves from the alcohol centric, hillbilly and redneck image which has become associated with the hobby…To not be seen as a threat to government we have to represent ourselves as models of responsibility and start to promote the hobby for the scientific finely honed craft it is. In saying this I certainly am not saying that we cannot have fun…I myself have terrorised my liver into submission most of my life…It is just that to achieve a legalised hobby we have to play the game smarter….Distilling is a great craft which is rooted firmly in the history of mankind, it is about time we came out of hiding and achieve the freedoms shared by others who pursue their hobbies without fear.
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