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Another poster designed for Altitude coffee, there are about six different designs framed in shop.

Just a throw away bit of photoshop…but love these Japanese pre-war adverts.

The Rubberbandits are a left field comedy duo from Ireland..this is an outrageously fantastic fuck you kind of song…I love it!

There is cool, then there is Uber-Cool this clip of Zinda Laash dancing in the 1967 horror film “Dracula in Pakistan” is right up there. Zinda Laash was the Urdu version of Audrey Hepburn this too cool for school dance was all the rage in the streets of Pakistan, and demonstrates that the west does not have a mortgage on cool!… Zinda is hotter than a buccaneers pistols!

This was one of a series of posters I designed for Altitude coffee roasters…for their single source coffee range.

Eastview Estate Website

A shot of my amazing son Joshua…he is an angel (by the way).

A shot of the old foundry in Uralla… Such a funky old building.

Another of they stilldragon shopped shots

Another of the StillDragon stills photo’ is great to do work without brief…just for the love of photoshop…my new version of photoshop CS6 rocks…it is a very worthy upgrade.

one of a series of shots I am photoshopping… a bit of fun for my friends at StillDragon..they are just great guys who make a product which is as good as it gets…and great for me… very photogenic.

This is a shot I did for Kate Hedges ftp promote “Kentucky Roses” last summer…love the dogs and butterfly…and Katie looks so content.

My aim is to extend our excise licence to enable us to make small batch single malt whiskey… aiming for absolute quality …not quantity. We already have much of the infrastructure in place, bravery and persistence is all that is required for the rest.

The first episode of the video magazine to accompany this blog…it features snail porn and Morricone heaven …enjoy!

recent design for a mandarin oil from “Get Pickled”

Recently designed this poster for Dee Molineaux, a design shop in Balmain Sydney. The posters were printed in Bali, I can’t wait to see the final product…according to Dee they look very good.

The recent cover to Focus magazine…taken in “Pudgy McDucks Blues Bar’ the home of craft beer and real blues in the New England…we currently have 9 beers on tap, all brewed on site. WE just put in a HD cinema which specialises in old films in the black and white, noir style. There are few things better than a pint of bitter while Bogart and Bacall do their stuff on the big screen, listening to BB King….Ahh heaven!

New Blog... Boo yeah!

Ships log 14th July 2012… established a new tumblr blog to record some of my new photoshop musings… My website is getting very full and slowing down so thought that a new tumblr account was what the doctor ordered…we’ll see!

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